What is a username?

A username is...

*Online service: Usually services like Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, of any kind of social nets and too, game platforms systems like Twitch, Steam, PlayStation Network, Nintendo and others.

Generally, although it is not a requirement, the username resembles the name of the person using it.

This does not imply that the person behind a username is called the same or similarly in his or her real life. There is absolute freedom to generate usernames under any name, real or unreal, any word, word with numbers or other characters sequence.

In the same way, we could also define the username as the public and visible part of our online identity in a online service. Complete access being the combination conformed by the own username, visible by others usernames, and the corresponding password, which is never visible for the rest of usernames.

A username must be unique for the same online service, i.e. there cannot be two identical usernames on Instagram, YouTube, Reddit or any other online system, but the same username can exist simultaneously on Instagram and on Reddit or YouTube. It can even belong to different people.

In other words, the username is unrepeatable by others in the same online system, being a unique, personal and non-transferable identifier for that particular online system.

We define an online system as a social network or a website that we access through the network.

In certain services the user name is really replaced the phone number, as for example in WhatsApp, although then there is the need of giving a username visible by the rest of users.

What is the username for?

The username serves to give us a unique online personality in online services, this username is unique to us and differentiates us from other users who use the same online service.

The username also, along with the corresponding password, allows us to identify ourselves and securely access an online service from our device, regardless of whether it is a mobile phone or a computer, and communicate with the world through those online services such as social networks.

When we talk about online services we mean Instagram, YouTube, Google, Facebook and any other social network or online service accounts.

So we can say that the username serves to identify and differentiate us from other users in an online service.

Who needs a username?

Everyone, or at least everyone who uses the internet on a regular basis.

And not only do you need a username to access the different internet services from a computer, since if you use a smartphone you will be using the internet and therefore you will need usernames to access your different digital user profiles.

Think that to access any Internet service you need a username, even to have a simple email account.

Obviously it is essential to have user names for each social network you want to participate in.

This username can be the same or not for all the different social networks.

If your username is occupied by another person on a social network, you will have to use another username, and if you don't know which one to choose you can always use our powerful username generator to get a username that is not in use on that social network.

Why a username is important?

Because you are going to use it often, to access the different accounts and online services you access with that username.

Because it is what the other users will see, since it is a public data.

What do we usually use as a username?

Usually the real name of the person is used as the username in online services, although, many times this will be in use and we will have to vary the username, adding some letters like your surname, your date of birth or any other word.

Other people, instead of using their real name for his usernames can use the name of one of their pets, for example, if your cat is called "Brownlion", you can use "brownlion" as your username.

It is also common to use the name of your favourite sports club, or that of one of your idols, such as "lebronjames2005" in his usernames.

Username recommendations

Be secure

Our first recommedations in the username creation process is a security advice, first, avoid using real data, like you complete real name, address data and all that can relation directly to you in the physic world.

It is very important that the username is not too descriptive, in example, a username like "georgeplumberlosangeles95" would not be good as we would be giving too much information, such as first and last name, place of residence and date of birth.

If you have a nickname or diminutive, use it like your username better than your full name. A basic advice may be avoid using a username that may appear on official documents.

It is also not advisable to use your username as part of your password, for example if your username is "petergillian" do not use a password like "petergillian1999". Becouse a common hacker's practice to gain control of other people's accounts is to use usernames that they take from the Internet to construct derivated passwords.

I remind you, the username is absolutelly public in most online services, like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and that through special applications tha hackers use can try to access your account using a password derivated from usernames simply adding numbers to the usernames scrapped from the internet in a correlative way until they find the possible username + number = password combination.

Be polite

Today, it is almost common that before deciding on a candidate or another for a job, companies investigate a little bit the online or digital life of their future employees, if company found a fun username, a serious username, will always be better for your aspirations than using an insult or a bad word based username.

Of course, using usernames that include dirty words is not a good idea either because who knows what might happen in a few years, and maybe you need that username to find a job, to get contacted by company or colleage, and of course, what boss would hire a certain "joethebigfucker" username.

In the same way, some people are using their favorite superheroes or sports idols favorite singers, as usernames, to which they have taken some appreciation or empathy, these are a practice that may result in time expires, as they can change your tastes, and of course, losing an account under a username in which you have thousands of friends or followers, is perhaps not the best, which is why this type of username becomes an option not recommended.

Obviously avoid using certain nicknames or adjectives in your username that may be pretentious, such as "themarvelous", "thebigx" o something similar.

Be smart creating your username or use our username generator.

Repeated user names

As we have already mentioned the usernames cannot be repeated, although varying only one letter or character in the username we can "repeat" it, that is to say, that if we want the username "danoblack" and it is busy we could use "danob1ack" or "dan0black" or "dan_o_black"

It should be noted at this point that almost all social systems and networks are not case sensitive, so for the network would be the same username "danoblack" that the username "DanOblack".

It is possible that the same username is used in two different networks by the same person or by two different people.

That is, we can have one username: johnwhite on Twitter but we cannot have two usernames under johnwhite on the same Twitter network, although we can have that johnwhite on Twitter and a johnwhite on Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook or any other social network.

In social networks like WhatsApp where the username is really the phone number and the username that the app allows us is merely informative, optional and additional, we can use the one we like, even if it is repeated, since the one that really works as an identifier and real username is the user's phone number.