Privacy & Cookies

Your privacy

On this website we protect your privacy to the maximum, so when you browse our website we do not collect personal data.

At most if you contact us through the contact form or subscribe to our newsletter, we can receive your email address and name.

The use we can give to the emails when they are not provided at the registration of the newsletter is the sending of electronic newsletters related of this website.

Using cookies on this site

Cookie, a word of English origin that means cookie, is in this case a very small file that your internet browser downloads to your device when you access a certain website.

What information do cookies usually save?

Cookies do not contain any specific personal information, at most the type of browser you use, the operating system and your screen resolution, little else.

In our case we do not use our own cookies, they are from third party companies, for example from Google, in order to be able to analyze the traffic in a quite anonymous way, the amount of daily visitors that come to our website, in which hours, etc.

Also some of the cookies that our web uses are for the control of the publicity, its operation is external to us and we cannot modify it but for example usually they serve not to repeat a same announcement an excessive number of times to the same visitors and similar things.

Well, it's not for us, but some time ago a somewhat peculiar law came out, to call it that, which requires that the web pages that use cookies, all or almost all of them, warn in a clear way that we are making use of them to all visitors.

This notice, the truth, is that it is irrelevant, and probably whoever dictated the law did not know about the matter, or was frankly thick at the time, I think, and I just think, that this person had heard things and started to legislate on something that he does not understand, I suppose to fulfill his position and justify his salary, in short, that we warn you because you have to comply with the law in force.