How generate usernames

A complete username generator powered by A.I.

A person's username is something that identifies them in an online service, so it is vital to be as original as possible.

Learn how to generate original usernames with our Username Generator.

Our username generator is completely free and very easy to use. But first, let me explain becouse a username is important for you.

Where user names are used?

It is also necessary to use usernames in e-mail addresses, such as Gmail, Hotmail, and also in e-commerce sites and forums.

Then we always advise you to use a diminutive, a pseudonym, the name of your pet, your favorite superhero, but yours better not, or if you do it distorts the username, and of course do not include your real name.

Do not copy other people's usernames

Copying a friend's username simply because we liked their idea is not good practice, as it can end up reminding us who the original is and who the copy is.

That's without going into what third party friends we have in the same socials will notice that we both have the same username, or a very similar one, so we'd better not do it or we'll be branded as copies, and rightly so.

Create original user names

For these reasons it is important that you know how to create your username yourself, although this is sometimes not an easy task, since one has to be minimally creative, be inspired that day, and this is something that does not always happen.

To solve the username generation gap we have created our automatic username generator, in a very easy way and providing three unique data our system will be able to generate an original username for you.

You can create as many usernames as you think necessary, just go back to the home page and enter the reference values with which our artificial intelligence will try to create the best usernames.

Using the Username Generator

On the main page of the website you can enter your real name, first try your first name, without surnames, it doesn't matter if you enter it in upper or lower case.

If people know you by a nickname, then better use your nickname instead of your real name, of course I recommend this in case the nickname is not derogatory or too humorous.

Enter the year of your birthday, or any year that you think is or has been important in your life.

Now you have the option to define yourself a little more, these are groups of two buttons that contain two adjectives, these adjectives are not necessarily opposite, they can even be complementary as Smart and Strong and occur in the same person.

But surely, under this example of Smart and Strong you consider yourself more Smart than Strong or more Strong than Smart, which is it? well, click on the one you consider to be the best definition of both.

Continue with the following sequence of adjectives, there are not many and you will finish in a moment.

Now press the button to generate the username.

And we have it, your new and brand new username is ready for you. Copy it to your clipboard by pressing the "Copy to clipboard" button and paste it into the social network or website where you are registering.

If for some reason you don't like the name that the A.I. has invented for you, you can press the [Regenerate] button again, to start the process, you'll see that it doesn't take you even 15 seconds to generate a new one.